on becoming a Banana tree

"Each and every tree on the earth, when grown old, makes its trunk portion very stronger and the more it is old, the more its trunks get stronger & darker; the trunk portion color too becomes dark brown. But the Banana Tree trunk portion gets whiter, the more it grows; Also, the inner portion gets more softer and smoother than the outer side of the tree. Also its inner portion is pure white, wherein other trees are of brown or black. This signifies to the human, that the more you grow, one should get cleaner and softer in her life."

my front garden inspires me.
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sre said…
When i was on my mission in the Philippines, i cut an old banana tree down. there was so much water in it. i thought i would take a drink. I should have thought twice. disgusting stuff, but slicing that machete through the trunk of the tree was one of the most satisfying things i have ever done. just clean and easy.

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