utils:(economics) a hypothetical unit measuring satisfaction

I read a book today, again. My mom and I have both read this book. There is a passage we identify as our own where the daughter tells her frail dying mother, "'Mother, I know you've always wished I'd take a gentler horse.' She opened her brown eyes, flashing in dark circled settings, squeezed my hand harder, and said, 'No, I've always loved you on the wild one." I will tell my mother not of horses. But of coyotes who are coydogs...and how I longed for two clear clear tranquil eyes as hers. Genetics are hard to overcome, so they say.


Anonymous said…
I don't really want to be around too many people, or do much talking. 'Another World', 2011
Arcadian said…
I agree with your idea about defining yourself. It limits you as if you are voluntarily confined.
You're a free spirit, at liberty to soar with eagles.
Anonymous said…
my baby has brown rings lining her huge blues. i have never seen that.

max your utils... who knew the artisan would have an econ text.

much love to you and yours v.

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