Sunday, March 20, 2011

things change

but their eye color changes in sync. a lil more brown, a lil more green. despite their soul differences, they are connected.

at the bull fight

he falls asleep during the 4th bull, despite the section of trombones and jello vendors. she carries him through the unfamiliar crowd. the older kids on roller coasters, bumper cars, Vortex. she sees a woman she knows who also has three kids, "where are the kids?" "oh, we left them at home." silly her. and he is four and silly. thank the moon, sun, stars that he is only four so she can carry him.
"Intense love always leads to mourning." Louise Gluck in The Triumph of Achilles

the posse

made this years birthday party easy...instead of mom instructed kid games it was truth or dare and "can we have some money?" a little lonely, but easy.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

more than flesh and bone

twelve years ago today began the contractions that by march 9 at three in the afternoon produced The Girl. eyes wide open. "i think so many thoughts that make me so getting a henna tattoo and opening a bakery!" --The Girl yesterday at the beach