Monday, May 21, 2012

The Last

The shadow of history
is the ground of faith

A question of overthrowing...
Love may be a stumbling.

Susan Howe (again)

Second of the Last

There I cannot find there
I cannot hear your wandering prayer
of quiet
"The Nonconformist's Memorial" Susan Howe

Mother's Day 2012
She called to thank her dad at 1:38 p.m. for the flowers.  Love, love.  At 4:32 p.m. she took the call stating that her dad had fallen.  At the hospital they were having difficulty stopping the brain bleed.  Two days later his cold, skeletal, yellow body had wet gauze placed over his clear clear blue eyes.  The eyes were to be the only organs donated.

First of the Last

                                                  1968 Dad riding Miss T in North Las Vegas
May 3, 2012
Dad:  I enjoy being around you.  I see certain traits and feelings I.E. the incorporations of those that I have not seen or even seen in anybody else.  It is and/or a gene issue in that I was not around that much with you growing up.  I love you very much.  More than you ever know.  Love Dad.
Daughter:  You will have to elaborate on the similarities when we talk next.  I see some too, but I did not know you when you were my age so I know you can make a more valid comparison.
Dad: I will in details.  It could have been a possibility that when your mom told me you are like me and you are surely my closing, if it upsets you, as it should, we can cource to modify same.  Most likely that would create a better part of the balance of your life. wise...Mike is now having Chinese men coming to town tomorrow to discuss the proposed purchase of the Las Vegas Hilton.  Of course, he cannot use his name, so to correct, I am buying it.  I will need a person to supervise the maid department.  Knowing first hand how good you are in doing, having done mine on more than one occasion.