alumni and future alumni

despite glaring flaws, being an attorney rocks. especially when i get to throw walt whitman quotes in pleadings and no one knows. in ten years if the boy's 11 year olds dream of the NFL hasn't come to pass he wants to be an attorney.  i support that and his arguing skills.  here he is at age 4. so cute!
this kid used to say "chuuuuz" for about 10 different things (Uncle C, cheese, yes, etc.) last night during our dinner at Metro Pizza he successfully said to me upon my return to the table, "not only was she mean, she was a hypocrite." something went down between him and charly while i was in the bathroom stall nursing Everett. (nursing in public...a sordid affair) i did not ask details.  ha! hypocrite. what a difference a decade makes.


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