oh the people that you meet when you're walkin' down the street

had a night at the Wynn hotel with the kids.  saw some amazing flowers, ate some delicious room service, jumped on some fluffy white beds, played with the automatic curtain/sheers button til it started to make a strange noise, went day time hot tubbing and met this guy...he was from tv. somewhere in tv land. after 10 minutes of it bugging it came to me (love when that happens, seems to be taking longer to these days). he was the winner of some season of The Voice.  the girl wanted to talk to him, but was too shy. as she should be. so she asked me to, just to make sure it was Jermaine   of course. and it was. and we talked shop about kids with the kids.  only one of my kids is super talkative to strangers. so deacon took the convo from there.  love these kinds of vegas nights. but the best kind of vegas nights are the ones like this one:


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