update on last post

not so mature cuz it's funny still today that yesterday my friend posted on instagram a sweet picture of her 9 year old in an evil kneival outfit she made with the caption
"thank goodness for colored dick tape."
typo for *duct tape.
we do family games. and it is not ever mature. some people opt out of certain games. grandma does not like Clue, charly loathes Sorry, and Monopoly just brings back childhood memories for me of my brother cheating.  spoons is a game we all can play, little ones too.  i am thankful for my brother and mom who add such a wonderful dynamic to our home.  tears came down my face this night of spoons.  i can make ruthless fun of my brother, draw blood from my daughter, and squish my unborn baby from jumping across the table for a spoon.  but i won.
december 2012...2 days before delivering everett


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