now about those muffins...

i have been a vegetarian, a vegan, an omnivore, a good person, a bad i will try being a bull.

after reading this article in the nytimes about Yang & Holmes i thought the critic may be cut in the same mold as charly.  these are some of her quotes on food:
-i want to open a bakery on the beach
-things taste better when you make them mom (aka fix breakfast, pack my lunch for school, make dinner)
-i would have no reason to live if my tastebuds did not work
-i want to go to college in a town with really good restaurants
-working at the bike shop will be great this summer, cuz there is an in n out, del taco and tropical smoothie close by
-(talking to her uncle c) "i love food." he replies "i love you too char" no, i said i love food.
-(on the amazing conchal beach in costa rica) this beach was had the best chicken kabobs ever! (tico sold food from a grill at the back of his truck)

and so on.


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