ceci est

 rene magritte, "the treachery of images" (1926)
this is not a pipe. it is a representation of a pipe removed from its referent, the object to which it refers. our desire to call the image a pipe suggests our confusion of image with the thing it represents. 
of course when i stumbled upon this t-shirt at target i felt that wave of abstraction. and consumerism.
presentation v. representation.  discuss/digress.
note: this representation of a room is not my room, 
this wall color was the girls free agency in action, 
also her free agency to leave clothes on the floor. everyday. 
it is, admittedly, her only flaw.
and a random old photo i found circa 2004


Anonymous said…
irony in a shirt, apple and lipgloss... representations.

oldest daughter's room, mother post new son, brown hair, no eyes, black bra, white t, presentations.

finished taxes tonight.

do i get an a?

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