D.H. Lawrence on Galsworthy part 1

in 1998 i purchased Galsworthy's "A Modern Comedy" at a street market in Nice, France.  Inside were these letters. It is an exegesis on the book and on Galsworthy. I have yet to authenticate if these were actually written by D.H. Lawrence.
John Galsworthy
by D.H. Lawrence
     All the critical twiddle-twaddle about style and form, and this pseudo-scientific classifying and analysing of books in an imitation-botanical fashion, is mere impertinence and mostly dull jargon.
     The touchstone is emotion not reason. (?)
Macaulay juggles his feelings (thought he is emotionally very alive)
Sainte Beuve remains a great critic (a man of good faith)
Pater's standard was the lonely philospher of pure thought and pure aesthetic truth
We need a standard to go by and judge
We need some conception of a real man and a real woman by which to judge all these Forsytes
Standards -- The good man
                    the man of pure thought
                    the treasured humble
                    the moral individual
none of the Forsytes seems to be a really vivid human being they are social beings.
they have lost individual caste and humanity (animality?) 
                    animality = freeman's psyche = innocence = naivete
                    sociality = slave's psyche
Money doesn't touch the freeman it goes right through the centre with the social being a split personality with the death of the individual soul
a castrated man      the "at-oneness"
What is salvation is God
Hence money is God
the social being has lost his innocence
the bright little individual spar of his at-oneness


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