D.H. Lawrence on Galsworthy part 3

     This is the final philosophy of it all:  "Things happen, but we bob up"  Very well, then, write the book in that key, the Keynote of a frank old cynic.  There's no point in sentimentalizing it and being a sneaking old cynic.  Why pour out masses of feeling that pretend to be genuine and then turn it all off with:  "Things happen, but we bob up"?
     It is quite true, things happen, and we bob up.  If we are vulgar sentimentalists, we bob up just the same, so nothing has happened and nothing can happen.  All is vulgarity.  But it pays.  There is money in it.
     Vulgarity pays, and cheap cynicism smothered in sentimentalism pays better than anything else.  Because nothing can happen to the degraded social being.  So let's pretend it does and then bob up!
     It is time somebody began to spit out the jam of sentimentalism, at least, which smothers the "bobbing-up" philosophy.  It is time we turned a straight light on this horde of rats, these younger Forsyte sentimentalism whose name is legion.  It is sentimentalism which is stifling us.  Let the social beings keep on bobbing up while ever they can.  But it is time an effort was made to turn a hosepipe on the sentimentalism.  They ooze over everything.  The world is one sticky mess, in which the little Forsytes indeed may keep on bobbing still, but in which an honest feeling can't breathe.
    But if the sticky mess gets much deeper, even the little Forsythes won't be able to bob up any more.  They'll be smothered in their own slime along with everything else.  Whic is a comfort
                                              D.H. Lawrence


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