Unseasonable Dress
At the edges of re-dressing
each succession in taffeta
hand-sewing slows the pace
for pleasure of investigation
I can get near     by.

Much summing up done,
what keeps going is conversation.
What makes me care is why
I am interested enough to inhabit
where an accountant is tiptoeing through \\\ grass.
Laugh of obfuscation
quotes from arguments
had with other men;
scabby mountains are descended.

I dance through Dutch country
part tulips with my toes
leasing long this rented charisma
limberness, utter movement.

I laugh only for my friends
an offering of tears.
I stopped wearing mascara
as a pre adolescent.
So don’t say something for me.

Leaping forward, adding pathos
to an over soppy situation:
We went to custody over lost years --
not certain what really can be saved.

I do not feel sorry
for the woman alone. 
I wouldn’t kill her off
in an unexpected way
because we are tired of the story;
we think we know occasions
by talking about them -- 
Put on this unseasonable dress
of hope.


we spent the day early in may going to the children's discovery museum, serendipity, then town square. you may think with boys you get chaos, bodily sounds, and oblivious disrespect.  however, these boys are amazingly respectful, full of love, mannerly and pure joy.  the draw to electronics is a small issue compared to their fabulous selves.  these boys keep connected to me and i love it. they keep me hopeful.


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