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can you spot she is not comfortably numb, rather, she is nervous, excited and happy to start her EFY week at BYU.  Here are her and alex...not quite the 6 year olds they were when they became friends.
this summer feels like it marks the beginning of char really growing into the young woman that will begin to make life altering decisions.  the time i recall feeling so mature that i could validly choose to blow through high school as quick as possible, fulfill my duty to heavenly father by getting married in the temple asap (wait Target, don't leave, this will get better), seek out a dude 5 years older than me to waste all those fresh wrinkle free face years on, at 15 mentally decide to marry him when i was of age, blah blah blah.
now here she is. does Target sell xanax?
here is to your beginning my sweet charly. over my dead body will you make the same choices i did.  so go ahead and break a few rules, fail a few tests, break some hearts and have FUN!
*her top is from Target

and baby and i like these lullabies.

"i wish i'd seen you blow those candles out...oww" (frog croak)


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