sorry to lose

it is still 98 degrees but anything under 100 degrees is boot degree. my parents had cowboy boots they would buy at sam's town emporium down on the boulder highway. running up and down huge aisles of boots while sucking on my rock candy was a slice of heaven (a slice right below going to the library).  they were bona fide line dancing boots. dressing up in my mom's boots with my bathing suit seemed so right. it still kind of does.
the amount of flip flops being worn in public places is depressing. especially guys with bad toe nails in sandals. come on. let's all consider it boot weather.
sam edelman petty boots. made of awesome.
     If you wish to love you won't know whom to choose
There are none whose love you'd be sorry to lose
Not to love at all would be the better part 
Lest another seize and confiscate your heart.
     When evening descends on your deserted routes 
You won't be afraid and will say. "What boots
It to worry and fret? To rail at my luck?
Since time my actions like an apple will pluck." --John Ashbery "Some Words"
p.s. i like my baby with no footwear and in a white onesie.  color is often regrettable.


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