perpetual spring

my precious mom is turning seventy. 7-0. when filling out her birthday card i wrote "here is to 70 more", like as a joke, but it really isn't funny. at all. let's not ruminate on that. rather, how about this idea in Navajo myth of the changing woman:
according to legend, Changing Woman changes continuously but never dies.  She grows into an old woman in winter, but by spring, she becomes a young woman again.  In this way, she represents the power of life, fertility, and changing seasons.

i have been working on an essay of how women can be labeled as crazy, fluctuating, etc. we go thru so many cycles of death and rebirth that of course we change.  how in nature's law could we not change?  if anybody represents the power of life it is my mom. and hello, she has learned to use an iphone and instagram, if that is not becoming a young woman again then i don't know what is. she may possibly be on her phone more than my teenage daughter. which is awesome.
note: iphone camera always ready to capture: baby so excited he got his brother's hat on he's going to combust

let's celebrate moms, change, life, babies, old age, seasons, spring... and worn soft old t-shirts on white skin woman with natural dark hair.
2014 vs. 2010


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