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discovery of the week: probiotics help eczema

four of my five kids have had eczema issues. those issues later developed into asthma, allergies and other sundry yuckiness. this last baby i took probiotics with the last trimester of pregnancy and up until about 2 months ago.  i had used up the supply of pills i had from pregnancy and decided to be done taking them.  my nursing baby's face came down with an intense breakout of eczema.  i tried so many topicals before i realized the only x factor in his immune system life was me not taking probiotics.  after TWO days of taking them again and nursing this guy what seems like non-stop...his face is all clear.  just sayin.
this was a week or so after i stopped taking the magic. 
his face quickly turned more scaly, inflamed and itchy. which led to him raking 
his face with baby fingernails that are confusingly like talons. sad.
on a happy note...those lips. and nose. and fluffy baby chick hair.


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