This baby is smiley, bendy (seriously double jointed in 90% of his body), tumbly, and just sweet as sweet can be.  I assume him and Everett will be compared a lot since they are so close in age.  They are two VERY different souls.  Ev is complex, smart and manipulative.  Ezra is gregarious, simple and straightforward.  At the ripe age of one it seems as if I can say that this boy has no guile, nor will he ever.  He is Deacon's spirit baby, and Everett is Deven's.
Ezra is my only child to walk before one.  I was worried about him walking due to his ankles and feet being so super flexible.  He is a champ. He is wandering all over the house and yard, typically following Ev or the dog.  He has a deep gutteral laugh that he gives to his family freely. If you are sitting on the floor he will come bury his head into you and flop his body over you.  Our human lap blanket.  He is so silly in a physical way.
Ezra will tackle Everett in good fun and often win since Ev is more high strung. Ez will take stuff he wants now and will not always let Ev take stuff from him.  The struggle between these two will get more real as the months pass, and I love every minute of them together.
He eats a lot.  2 to 3x more then Everett. I think he eats more then me.  He stopped baby food months ago and loves food.  This morning I was peeling a banana for him, he grabbed the whole thing and within minutes had eaten it all.  The only thing he has not liked was hot dogs.  Those are a no go.
He says the sound "mom" but otherwise has no words.  He can copy me when I click my tongue or clap my hands.
In his car seat he is comatose.  Ev is jazzed and excited looking out the window.  Ezra is slumped over barely alive.  Yesterday Ev kept lifting Ezra's head up off his armrest "sit up fool!"

I look back at last year at this time and it was a bit crazy.  This stage of baby life is sweet and full of heartbursting moments of love and joy.  Ezra is a solid soul.  He is mine, as he should be.

"The world has spoken, and it prefers genuine fakes to fake genuines." Ezra Koenig


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