spring breaky

the girl had a track meet at the college in santa barbara, so i combined it all into our vacay.
she took second overall in the 100 hurdles, 100 dash and 4x4 relay; which is fab.  poor nevada kids who think they are great are often humbled by california athletes.  not this girl.
 mexican food at the playa. some clown put celery in my veggie burrito. come on.
church at 9 where it was mainly old people.  i guess they are the only ones who can afford to live in santa b.  then breakfast at Janine's. feeding these people is non stop.
one on one with deven was a segway tour up to montecito.  we segwayed by ty warners house.  crazy wealthy.
 one on one with deacon was the zoo.  baby giraffe nursing from its mom, ahhh.  i feel ya momma.
this gorilla was AMAZING. freaked me out a little, but we spent a long time right at the glass with this guy.
feeding lettuce to Michael...this is by far the most enjoyable zoo experience i have ever had.  it is still sad and unnatural.  but this kid and i had a blast.
char and i did one on one at the salt caves. it was cool. we got a couples massage in a salt cave. i don't like the inside of my ears or armpits massaged so that was a buzz kill, but otherwise we enjoyed ourselves. we also found her a prom dress. 

the girl drove home. we played the name game. sang real loud to some random songs. i would call it all a success.


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