so I think it's time for us to have a toast

My freshman year of high school was my best year of high school.  In large part because my brother was a senior at the same school.  We had not been in school together much; for reasons of their own my parents put my brother in private schools all growing up, and left me in the public system.  That's cool mom and dad.  It was the one year I remember ever hanging out with my brother socially. It was the one year we had mutual friends. It was the one and only year we it was me and him, him and me, against the world.

Well, my two oldest are starting high school together.  They have two years left to make these youthful memories.  Two years to go cliff jumping, strip cruising, sneaking into lake las vegas clowning, and what ever young shenanigans they can amass.  After that their relationship will change. Charly will move on to college seamlessly, for that is how she has grown up: seamlessly.  Deven will then be the oldest child at home and soon thereafter embark on his two years of service.  That changes a boy.

I raise my glass of sparkling water to the last two years of all of us under the same roof :  may it be tender, connective, and full of laughter tears! Cin cin!

(Speaking of two years of good friend just had her son return from France.  He was giving his report at church and full on fainted at the pulpit.  Hit his chin and was down for the count.  They had to call the ambulance to take him out on a stretcher. It was dramatic.) 


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