i beg to differ

i disagree that sunday is a day of rest. it is a day of planning, timing, preparing, hustling and herding. i have to lay out three little boy sets of clothes, make sure their naps are timed so they have time to eat before we leave, i have to make sure they are dressed in a specific order because one kid will get undressed as soon as i am not looking (everett). i have to make sure the older kids get up and are wearing appropriate clothing (no white socks with black pants dev.) it is probably one of the most hectic days of the week.
i also disagree with some of the lessons. do trials make us stronger? i have found that they have made me a bit weaker and hardened. what pain and suffering i have endured has not made me stronger; rather, it has made me more attached to my people, and enabled me to understand others and be able to serve others better. that given, sundays are not a day of learning or a day of rest. rather, they are simply a day with my kids.
 deac in his primary program. that kid sings every word to every song.
 these two walking to nursery together. one in boots and one with messy hair.
don't be fooled, they don't last longer then 10 minutes in there without crying like madmen
char went to a different ward for a mission farewell, 
her snap revealed her sitting with her ex boyfriend. obviously he still loves her.
 and dev was starving after the first hour
he convinced me to hit DQ. we made it back for third hour.
no one even knew we were gone.


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