Moving On

Dad passed when I was three months pregnant with Everett. I was taking care of my dad at the time, and was struggling with morning sickness, three kids, the emotion of my dad's toxic family and his sickness. He used to talk about how life is non-impactful.  That at some point he would become a fleeting memory that people who loved him would randomly recall.  For sure for the next generation...they don't even know my dad.  However, even after three years, there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't feel a shock that he is gone. Everett arrived 6 months later with some pale blue Charles Everett Huff eyes. There is a connection I have with Everett that heals some bleeding wounds.  Thanks for that Ev.

And knew you couldn't buy redemption with money. I am glad you never faked any big change or revelation. I took you for exactly who you were; fanny pack and all.


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