Yesterday, amidst the babies play group and just  the baby chaos in general, I prepared a team dinner for Charly's soccer team.  18 athletic and hungry girls.  A fan guy came to fix the living room fan in the middle of me cooking (which would be fine except the baby boys do not take well to strange men in the house, which means they demand I hold both of them.) I loaded up the babies and ran to get Deven and Deacon from school and came home to finish the meal, dessert and set up the house to feed that many people.  Nevermind the fact that someone had cooked pizza that had spilled all over the oven, sprayed EZ Off, then left it.  So I heated the oven for their garlic bread and it was quickly a smelly smokey mess. I aired out the house in the 105 degree weather. It's cool. I got this. The girls arrived and were as cute and happy as could be. Sweet girls so chatty and singing and laughing.  I served, took pictures and cleaned up the whole situation after the last one got out of the pool and left. I cleaned with Ezra in my left arm.

When the older kids got home today from school I had a list of things they had to do before anything else.  The boys got right to it...she wandered into her room.  Eventually she emerged to grudgingly do the chores.  A couple hours later she left early for her soccer game.  15 minutes after she left she called, "mommy?" so lovey..."are you coming soon?"  i replied "yes, i will be there when the game starts."  "can you come now? i forgot my cleats."  Bwhahahahah, her first varsity game at a new high school and she forgot her cleats.  "yes, dear.  let me finish feeding the babies and get Deven to watch them and I will be right over."  Sometimes this is all very tiring.


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