friday night

so there is a new issue on the home-front. charly and dev have made a mutual set of friends. deven is one of the younger ones, so charly feels they are HER friends and he tags along. deven feels they are HIS friends and she hangs out with them every once in awhile when she is not with her other friend group. charly left friday without telling dev to hang out with the said friend group. he felt abandoned and sad, but would not do anything about it. eventually i asked if he wanted to try the best mashed potatoes in the world. he did. so we headed to Green Valley Ranch. dinner was whimsical, the district was full of acquaintances, and i made him plan a pretend date after dinner. he walked me through the casino to the pool area to overlook the city. we chatted 10 minutes about melting aluminum and what kind of crucible he needed to do that. we slid down stair rails, then headed to Goodwill to find him a steel crucible to use in his aluminum melting contraption he has built in the backyard. i adore this boy.
this boy is growing so fast.  It breaks my heart but he forces me to "gather a live tradition from the air."  He is so alive and I look forward to seeing how he continues to change these next years.


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