these boys are so adorable and full of energy. often time my runner (ezra) will quickly take off from me, and everett will go the opposite direction. i have to quickly gauge which one is in more imminent danger to determine which crazy human i will run after first. however, this is simply not a risk i am willing to take anymore. i can't let them be free birds until they become a bit more rationale. after the park the other day when i was cautiously guarding the large openings they have in the jungle gym near the top of the slide, ezra slid down quickly and bolted for the street while everett was climbing the stairs to the top of the slide. obvi i slide down and run for ezra in time to turn and see everett precariously dangling near said hole high above the ground. i made it to him in time, but gheeze la wheeze. i promptly went home and ordered some harnesses.
ev was fine. he was staying with me most the time during our test walk. when i did have to grab the tether he thought it was fun to see how fast he could make me run behind him. i am a clown and here to amuse him.
ezra did not approve. he is fine walking with the harness on but only if the tether is tucked into the panda. the second he looks back to see me holding the tether he rages. this opinion is pretty ignorant if you ask me, but he did not ask me.
rather, he threw himself down and started throwing rocks when he saw me holding the tether
but they are tolerant when i don't hold them back. 


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