the living keep on living

It was field trip day for the GATE 3rd graders. I put off work and pawned the babies off on my mom to spend this day with Deac. The first stop was a nursing home.
I braced myself going in not to get silly emotional. The kids were so adorable.
After performing they went and talked to the residents, read books, and played checkers.
One lady from Hungary could not get over how beautiful Deacon was.
We got back in the bus and headed to North Las Vegas to a recycling center. 
They crushed some stuff for the kids with the grappler.
Then we went to a park near the Air Force base and ate lunch while jets flew overhead.
I got home about 2 and had to make chili for the Halloween Chili Cookoff. Then I had to run Charly up to her dermatologist to get this wart frozen off her foot that is interfering with her track training. Then she wanted to pick up her check at the mall. Shortly after walking in the door I got a phone call a good family friend had passed away. A young father of young kids and husband. The evening was a bit surreal after that news. All the kids came to the Halloween party except the baby... he stayed with my mom. Everett ate at least three donuts. Deac ran with a sweaty pack of 9 year old boys. Dev hung out with his friends and Char showed up at the end. I walked Ev around until he was insisting I hold him at all costs. By the third person that called him a girl I was ready to head home.


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