this weekend was...

another homecoming for charly. she has gone to two high schools so of course she goes to two dances. it was made unequivocal-ably clear to me that she could not wear the same dress to both dances. "don't be that person, mom." i am that person, for sure. so she borrowed a dress for the second dance because momma was not buying another dress. and not only could she not wear the same dress, she could not have the same hair color...because as she stated, "you know mom, social media. i am just going a darker blonde." that is fine. the issue is that she decided to dye her hair friday the day before homecoming. and she made it a hair dying party and invited a bunch of teens over who wanted to dye their hair as well. i could not make this up, this really happened. the bathroom looked like a sally's. we had four chairs lined up so four people could get their hair done at a time. music. popcorn. it was hilarious. i was nervous that some of the kids hair would get messed up and then the parents would get mad at me (like and similar has happened before and some parents are cra-zy). at midnight they were all still going strong.
charly did a great job on everyone's hair and everyone was happy. i went to bed right when char was doing hers a "light ash blonde". saturday morning she was still asleep when i left for deacon's soccer game. after the game i called her to make sure she was awake and getting things ready (picking up the boutonniere, cleaning the bathroom, washing her car due to some prankster dumping sticky stuff and glitter all over it, etc.)
"MOM! my hair went so dark last night. the manufacturer must have messed up and put the wrong color in the wrong box! it is SO dark!!!!"
"Ok babe. Sometimes box dyes are tricky and unpredictable. It will wash out eventually."
"MOM...I have homecoming TODAY but now my blonde extensions don't match my brown hair and I NEED my extensions so can you stop and Sally's and get more dye the dye on the left hand side of the store the cream kind not the liquid then come home and dye and wash my extensions for me while i get ready and do all the other things i have to do mom please oh and can you get me a new sticky bra while you are out it is on the way to sallys and my old one isn't sticking anymore and barely covers me anyway ok hair dye sticky bra and fashion tape oh don't forget the tape because the back of my dress gapes some so it need to be taped i will wash my car while you do that thanks mom i love you."
so i did. we got her ready and met at southern highlands country club.
(car selfie complete with brown extensions)
 i love this is not even her school but she was in the middle of every group picture
this is her random date. i doubt i will ever see him again. they went to hibachi in a party bus and then a bunch of other fab stuff. she had a blast. the boys in our house are in awe of her social abilities and just the whirlwind of life charly is.
the next day i hung out with this guy. he is so freaking funny these days. but what makes him so funny i think is because his voice is cracking so often when he is trying to say something serious that i just bust up at him. this makes him upset and we start wrestling. then we are both laughing and he kisses my hand and says "love you mom." so good.


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