Halloweezy 2015

Ev refused to get dressed. This was as far as I got. So he obvi went as a Chippendale guy. Class all the way.
 After this year the ladybug costume will officially be retired after a run of 15 years.
 Nicest Ninja eva.
This ninja went to a party that had condors and pythons, then trick or treating for hours.
 Dev left on his bike sans costume. He got into Gladys Knight's party and scored.
 Char and her girls were culturally inappropriate Indians who went to some Gorman party.
After the babies peetered out in 15 minutes we went home to hand out candy. This was a problem because everytime I opened the door the babies made a mad rush outside into throngs of kids. Eventually I put the candy bowl outside the door with a note "take a few" and, well, we all know how that went.
Ev waiting for kids to come. Yes, we had apple chips to hand out.
He really wanted to escape to see the laser light show we had going on in the front porch.


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