tale as old as time

Thursday night: "MOM! I have a photo shoot Saturday after track at Floyd Lamb park. I need a Belle dress can you find one tomorrow."
"Babe...I was a ballet dancer in Vegas, of course I know where to get costumes, but why am I renting it if it is for a magazine shoot? Wouldn't they rent it?"
"Mom. Please."
I held out all of Friday and went Saturday morning to Star Costume to get this dress.  Charly never played pretend princess or was even remotely interested in any of that stuff as a girl. So, I figured one time would be fun. There were a lot of families at the park taking pictures as well, and each little girl was mesmerized by this full size Belle. It was adorable! She booked a couple more jobs with people who saw her at the park. We had big plans to go out together that night and do something fun with her in her costume, but we were both exhausted by 5:30, so we grabbed casa don juan food and called it a night.


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