it was all about ezra. 
he stayed up each night til midnight since he was not in his own bed
he got to fly from vegas to salt lake instead of drive, because, come on...6 hours in the car with him??? i still had to bust out the harness at the airport
snow was not entertaining to him. at all. and he cried all day thanksgiving day. all. day.
my nephew with spina bifida just had a huge surgery, but ezra had to ruin our Connect Four game; and you can see Everett climbing behind him. chaos.

this text from Charly was the highlight of my thanksgiving. i have much to be thankful for. it is interesting how one can put so much effort into life, for example this trip, and it really is the simplest and smallest thing that i end up remembering. most things i really don't recall. huge blocks of life are very sketchy and sporadic in my brain.
from this trip i hope to remember:
my long walk with Susan where she told me how much she missed her daughter.
sweet 12 year old madeline coming to hug me first of anyone in the room.
mine and amy's talk over congealing turkey dinners
my brother sleeping on the floor of a hospital room to stay with Jaden after his surgery
the doggie door everett loved
james and deacon spending so much time together
everett standing on pat's new kitchen floor peeing

alex rocco, a beloved actor, said of one of his jobs:
That was my greatest prize ever in life, because I did about eight lines as an ant, and I think I made  over a million dollars. See, at that time, I had no idea what those guys were doing with voiceover. But because it was Disney/Pixar, it goes all over the world, then it comes to DVD. I made a fortune! Oh, my God! I mean, I haven’t touched that again, but A Bug’s Life, I’ll always remember that. Isn’t that amazing? You study all your life, you work really hard to do your best work onstage and onscreen, and then you make your best money playing an ant. 
(i loved that guy in The Famous Teddy Z)


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