Wednesday, February 25, 2015

a day in life

how much are we all pretending that stuff matters? like it is even of minuscule value if charly raises her grade in chemistry, deacon practices piano, i figure out how to use this sony camera before the first track meet? it does not matter. that pressing fact keeps me disengaged from many aspects of living. but, the soft white skin of these babies...i could snuggle that all day everyday. no lie.

my god, just love. love others. love hard. love well. 
(love the long necked people and the no neck people all the same)
the rest is dross.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

San Fran with the big littles part 2

 Love when the girl Snapchats me without me knowing. (my Torts professor always said facts are like pennies you attention to them and you will be rich. This snapchat was making fun of me for being excited about the ferry ride.)
Lunch at the Rotunda at Neiman Marcus.  The popover and strawberry butter was a hit. (Hidden fact: the ring on her necklace is from her 17 year old boyfriend, her hair is in a bun cuz it is humid in San Fran and she was having hair issues, the boy is wearing two bracelets from Chinatown cuz that is his traditional souvenir; bracelets, his hair is not done cuz he forgot to pack all personal hygiene stuff: no gel, no toothbrush, ya know.)
Dev finally decided what he wanted to order.  That kid and his food this trip was hilarious. "I'd like the crab mac and cheese without the crab."  = $24 mac and cheese. Come on.
 Trolley rides. Lots of them. (He sharpied Chinese symbols on his arm the night before)
 Tourist heart photo.
 MLK Waterfall memorial.
After a brisk walk through the back alleys of Chinatown. These two were clowning the whole time and did not argue. It was a tender mercy inspired by my threats.  
It was a fabulous trip. I did not even get anxiety about not being with the babies.  That was a huge win.  I am thankful for my brother who took Deacon to the monster truck show in Salt Lake while we were gone, and my sweet mom who watched the babies.  She really took one for the team when she got stung by a scorpion in the house that Ezra had just crawled past. Hey, universe...what is the point of being 74 and getting stung by a scorpion? 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

San Fran with the big littles part 1

We made it and immediately grabbed lunch at Mocca on Maiden Lane.  Tri-tip sandwiches and Italian sodas while live jazz musicians were playing.  A fab Valentines day lunch. (this is a cool filter that makes your lips white and adds black spots to your face.)
Union Square was sunny and warm to browse the art.  There was this cute mermaid painting where the mermaid was drinking coke while saying "I hate salt water."
 Britex fabrics to find momma some sweet velvet to recover some chairs.
Valentines night dinner at the Cathay house in China Town. I asked them if they wanted to try dim sum.  Charly replied "isn't that illegal?!" So we just had sweet n'sour. It was a'right.
 Foot massages at some sketchy reflexology joint on Grant street. She swore it healed her shin splints. Dev abstained and just played his phone.
 In the morning they slept...and I read.
 Down to the Wharf for mini donuts.
Then onto the ferry boat ride under the Golden Gate and around Alcatraz.  We did not go in the prison, that is something to do when you are older and more boring.
We biked across the Golden Gate instead.

...more to come.