this city. it is a character. all these places we grew up in are gone. the people that were in them are gone. what a paradigm for life you've given us Vegas! more in tune with nature then you seem on the surface. you are in a state of constant rebirth.

i got a million ways to get it. choose one.
on to the next one.

on to 2016. we celebrated Noon Years Eve with some friends and all our kids at Container Park.  The kids got to participate in a drum circle countdown to noon, drink their juice boxes and run around in the sun. bekah and i sat as the kids played, she randomly commented "everett defines you so much." then we moved on to karate, her husband, etc.  i really enjoy and appreciate bekah.
 the girls
 the countdown to the fire praying mantis (which made Ezra cry)
the baby boys (the older two passed on this festivity to go get Chinese food with my brother)
Ezra was ridiculous most of the day and is making quite a reputation for himself with the other kids.
Deacon and Ev loved it and were fantastic. They all were asleep by 10, so Deven and I had a toast alone that night for new years of ginger-ale and Airhead candy. We heard the fireworks but could not see them from where we live this year due to all the trees.  Which was fine.


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