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While Charly is getting interviewed by the newspaper and making herself famous I have stuff to take care of as well. Like today I made it a point to pick up some NYX liquid lipstick because they are on sale for $4.88. I have never been a big make-up person, but that was when I was when I was young enough to roll out of bed and head straight to life. Now if I do that I look sick and pushing 70 years old.  So, I have tried some stuff. That is not the point of this post, nor do I want to go into all that I have tried and liked/disliked.  Obviously lipstick is part of the gamut of makeup I dig because it is fast and easy.  I have been a light lipgloss lady for quite awhile with the occasional lip color. However, lipstick is a big problem for two reasons:
1.  I have to be able to be super kissy on the white squishy baby bodies and faces and lipstick leaves them looking like they have been hit in the face or bruised or whatnot.
2. Ezra has taken to hitting my face when he is upset with me and adds insult to injury when he smears my lipstick in the process.  

So in my full court press to train that boy to be a decent human being I have found a way to laugh in his face when he swats my face and does not smear my lipstick: liquid lipstick. It dries and does not transfer once it is dry. There are a ton of options. I kind of feel like a clown at times. Certain shades draw more attention then others (at the track meet a fellow mom I have known since high school yells at me as I pass "Girl, are you wearing BLACK lipstick?!" No. Its grey.)

NYX Exotic
So there you have it. I have foiled Ezra and saved cash money.  See, I said I had important stuff to do. 


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