mom and boys saturday

The community my brother lives in held a 5k event in honor of his son Jaden who has spina bifida. It was a well organized run with carnival style games after all to raise money for Jaden.  The boys and I woke up at 5 that morning to drive to southern Utah to participate in this event. 
Ezra fell asleep the last 10 minutes of the drive. Classic.
We made it just in time to start at the line with Jaden. Everett was having none of me putting him down or in a stroller.  So, we ran it together with him in my arms. At one point my sister in law insisted I try and put Everett on Jaden's lap (that is also good press for Jaden to make him look like even more of a hero.) Everett was no dummy and wanted nothing to do with the publicity.
So we finished the run behind Jaden and were able to see his finale. 
We stayed and played awhile. However, when everyone was ready to sit down at a restaurant and eat I loaded up the kids and drove back to Vegas so we could make it to Deacon's basketball game in time. Also, I do not enjoy eating out with these two babies. Not even a little bit, so I was glad to be able to bail on that.
I had to take Ezra to the basketball game. That also went wrong. He saw his big brother out on the court and naturally, as Ezra does everyday in the yard, he went to play basketball with him. The fact that I stopped Ezra from getting on the court caused a scene that dictated we leave and watch the game from above.  Even up there Ezra wailed as he saw the players below. 
 He had moments of acceptance.
Deacon is a good little ball player.
 It was the final game of the season so the boys had a little shin dig after the game where the coach recognized each one of them.  He congratulated Deacon on becoming more aggressive. What an interesting thing I hear many dads yelling at their boys "be more aggressive!" Look at that kid. He is the antithesis of agressivo. Also look at the rice krispy treats made so cute to look like little basketballs. Agressivo Ezra screamed when I tried to give him just a bite because he wanted the whole thing. All the parents were like "oh, whats the matter?" when he screamed. So i just handed him the whole thing. 
And thus we went home and took baths. Long deep baths. Well, not too long because then Deven had a few friends over. That cut bath time short. I had to monitor the bottle rocket situation being set off in the back yard near the pine trees. 


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