Things break

The weekend had a lot of people coming and going at my house. which i am fine with and have learned to manage. Adding to the commotion was Deven. Friday night he was with his friends out and about in the neighborhood when he texted me.
There have been two times in Deven's life that he had broken a bone and I have not taken him into the hospital because I was not convinced it was broken. My kids are not the toughest leather hides in the barn, so I often let them sit a bit on their pain before reacting.  However, Deven's ankle had a large lump in it that I could not be sure wasn't a bone sticking out. So, amidst the chaos I loaded him up and took him to the ER. 
The waiting room was packed, but the pediatric side was not too bad so the waiting was minimal. We had to find an outlet in the waiting room because his phone was dead.  Priorities.
After an x-ray he was diagnosed as having a bad sprain but no broken bones. This big boy of mine was so affectionate and lovey while we were in his ER room.  He let me hold him while he rested his head on my shoulder; he kept kissing my hand and saying he loved me. It was melting my somewhat cold heart to feel the weight of his presence. This once little boy of mine who is growing up to be one of the most delightful and interesting humans has his mom's adoration. I hope he knows that. 

He is on crutches for a couple weeks and did not want to go to school yesterday, so he asked me if during the day I could teach him how to cook a couple things. He wanted to learn to make homemade mac and cheese (not from a box). As I was writing out the recipe to put into my recipe box (I finally purchased one and am committed to filling it with my handwritten recipes so my kids will have it when I am dead and gone) I asked him what we should call it, "Homemade Mac and Cheese?"  He replied, "Mother and Son Mac and Cheese." He ate the whole pan of Mother and Son Mac and Cheese and admitted that he was glad I was making the recipe box which he had mocked me for earlier in the month, "It could come in useful." 

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