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let me elaborate

We missed Charly and Deven for the 4th of July

warred with yourself

L'appel du vide

made it!

A reading list, since some books get lost

on becoming.

Ev is the gullet

shine them for the fat lady

rooms with a view

always part of a perfect meaning

birth after birth and death

increments of association

preschool in Utah

a little oral surgery

Class of 2017

Dev is 16

life is but a sport and a pastime


my boy

rainbow smiles

Socially tired ramblings

my girl

a sort of love letter July 2001

a love letter from dad to mom

the grey middle

explosive simmering

"I've turned into a professional coward." H.S.Thompson

there is a canary in the coal mine

night terrors

i did all those

this love of mine

no ideas but in things