18 years, 18 years...got you for 18 years

this divine girl of mine is officially an adult
 18 balloons with 18 gifts
 i don't even recall my 18th birthday. at all. not even a little bit. 
so we decided to make hers super memorable and each get our first tattoos
shopping and having lunch took longer then getting these..we got these in all of 30 minutes
then she wanted a full set of acrylic nails
today she left for a weekend in Vegas with her friends from Vegas and Utah all together

I cannot ruminate on her growing up too very much because it leads to this crushing sensation in my chest, like putting a cinder block on an over ripe piece of fruit. So I will say that she has been the one human in my life that made sense. She lifts me out of cold dark canyons like flood water, to the top of the mountain to bask in the sun. I could not imagine life without her and I am deeply honored to be her mother.

Smiths album Figure 8 came out when Charly was 1. Smith's voice reminds me of her being a toddler. This new track was just released today. Years after his death. 


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