there is a canary in the coal mine

nick cave wrote half this album after his 15 year old son fell off the brighton cliffs to his death. in a migrane blinding light i sat in my dark room sobbing. "I'm losing my voice. Just file it under lost things. My voice, my iPhone, my judgement, my memory, maybe...and isn't it the invisible things, the lost things, that have so much mass, so much weight..."

GQ article The Love and Terror of Nick Cave

"touch me not" -Jesus

i think i really need to live in sunshine.


Anonymous said…
"Women have more facets than men. men are pretty much two dimensional, and women are like f***ing 3D. My wife is spectacularly three dimensional. But every time I try to get a handle on her, and to pull her into focus, she shifts, and changes and becomes someone else, or worse, she steps out of the frame entirely... And I'm left with a hovering ghost image that's burned on my retina, like I've stared at a spotlight and closed my eyes. Eventually she steps back into the frame and I pull her back into focus, but she's changed, because she's been out there -- communing with the dead."

-Nick Cave

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