this love of mine

yesterday dev had to stay after school to take a math test he had missed. his phone had died so he called me right after school on the office phone to tell me to come in 30 minutes.  the test took almost two hours. so i sat there and watched many a kid approach and enter the ride that had come to pick them up. one boy was on his phone and did not look up from his phone as he entered the car with what looked like could have been his mom.  another boy approached the car that had come for him with apathy. no emotion. another boy gave the fake 1 second smile and then went back to stone faced. i can honestly say that every single day i pick dev up he is trying to hide his deep lovie smile as he sees me waiting for him. but it shines thru and he cannot hold back as much has he tries to be all serious, he is so happy to see me. that will go down in history as one of my favorite very cool and detached son cannot hide his smile when he sees me. 


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