explosive simmering

Mary Weatherford "Animals" has withdrawal of color in areas of intense linen saturation. The pleasure and pain of time moves through this piece. She claims her paintings are about mortality.

I was never hit as a child. My mom lightly spanked me once to which I laughed and it made her even more mad. My dad wasn't around and if he was it was suffocating love. He would want me to lay with him and watch tv in the dark for hours. Maybe that is where my claustrophobia started. My older brother probably wanted to hit me but I cannot recall that he ever did. My young first marriage was pretty physically volatile. That was the first time I experienced a deep love for someone that was mixed with bruising and force. After that love was not ever enough to feel. Once discovered pain can be intertwined in peoples sinews. That's the answer.

I avoid what most consider desirable or aspirational. Turning over that paradigm in order to approach humility seems like a valid goal as a human. Instead of bleeding out over humanity, the pretention has provided this cloistered real self. Now wabi-sabi is rearing its head full force all over life.

"life is a short short story...the gargantuan sales are over." -John Ashbury "Featurette"

Critics love to hate this band, but they are adored by many. Matty Healy is my hair goals for Deven.


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