a little oral surgery

All kinds of rites of passages going on over here. Yesterday Dev told me he was nervous to have his wisdom teeth taken out because he did not know what he would say or do on the anesthesia they would give him. We have seen so many videos of kids crying, yelling, laughing...he did not want to be associated with that nonsense. I assured him I would not egg him on or video him. So he had his last meal at 7:30 pm and went to bed. Late last night Charly texted me and asked if I wanted to go to breakfast this morning since she would be in town. I picked her up at 9 this morning and we grabbed tea at Cafe on 1st. We picked up Deven at 10 and she went with us to the oral surgeon. Upon waking from the medication Char was by Dev's side and he reached over and hugged her and cried for a solid 20 minutes. She then spent the next 6 hours with him: changing his ice pack, his bloody gauze, looking over funny pictures, and whatnot. It was a good day. Well, for me...maybe not Deven.
(that is not to say Charly did not take videos when I was in the pharmacy getting meds)


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