Class of 2017

She did it. At the Huntsman Center at the University of Utah I sat alone in the stands. I tried to meet her before the ceremony but she had to line up before I could find her. She must have woken up early to get ready and drive from American Fork. I had a couple hours of listening to mundane speeches to think any other thoughts then the ones that would make me cry. I tried thinking about the new house, the babies, any forced thoughts then the ones that surrounded the current climate between Charly and I. Then came a blinding migraine. I met up with her in the crowd after the event. Her boyfriend was right behind her as she walked to me. He does not like me, nor I him. I was hoping she would keep the families separate. No such forethought on her part. The hours of holding back rushed to the forefront of my face. I upset her. She upset me. (as I look so in this photo)
At the end of a couple hours of talking we parted. Again...trusting these humans to be who they are is a great feat. I can't presume I understand what it is like to be a teenager in this generation. I am sure it has immense challenges. Charly has marked another milestone amidst such. Much love my girl. Always.
Judge Markell stated in our law school graduation ceremony, "There is common theme among those truly satisfied: it is a pursuit of excellence in the service of others." Then went on to say it is the nature of graduation speeches that those with knowledge try to impart that which can only be learned by hard experience. The road to excellence, says Hesiod, is long and steep. He then went on to describe three of his own character shaping experiences (being interrogated mercilessly by a client, work for a client at 3am, and to be fired by the client Sasson Jeans). He then said "everything in moderation - including moderation." It is ok to be passionate about your work and love what you do. Get good at it. Competence is a rare commodity.
May 2007 Boyd School of Law
Not to make it all about me, even though Charly said that is what I was doing at her graduation. But my graduation was way better. (isn't it all about me?)


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