my boy

A little 1975 concert at Saltair. As much as I wanted to seize at Matty Healy...there was a humid brine smell all about. At one point Matty swatted and said "thats interesting, I've never played with insects." I went to get water for us and it was cash only. So I went upstairs to the bar to get water which I knew had to take cards, however no open container was allowed downstairs. Utah. While upstairs holding three water bottles there was the sea of kids on the floor. Jam packed and screaming for water. One cute boy...of course I threw the whole bottle to him and he caught it. Then doused the rest of the sweating insect infested crowd to which they were thankful. To which the security was not. I was followed for a bit, dodged and weaved and my only retribution was a PA announcer explaining it was NOT OK to throw water to the kids below. J'feel. I guess it could have been vodka laced water bottles. But come on. I would not throw that. Does that not burn the eyes?

Dev and I had a Cheesecake Factory dinner after since it was the only place open to eat that late. Utah. A car show was rolling down the street as we ate with the most intense hydraulic lift kits I have ever seen. We discussed much and at the end I have to say it was a most joyous pre Mothers Day date I have had. That kid has got it going on. Grateful, loving, well spoken and divine.  Love you Dev.


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