on becoming.

The world is permanently fragmented. When I began accepting that reality without anger I clung deeply to writers who had also worked through such an acceptance. Graham Green  was one. He made ultimately positive statements by adopting this negative standpoint. His character Querry in A Burnt Out Case has this dawning of consciousness of what it is and what it means to become, "I think I'm cured of pretty well everything, even disgust." Appropriating this truth into my own life has been continual. A perpetual becoming. Negativity has turned into positivity with this appropriation. It allows for poetical living in this age by being free within the actuality to which I belong. I am thankful for the few mentors I have had who illustrated this worldview to me at a time I was so very young and disappointed with the paradise myth. Not surprising, all those mentors were very well read, intelligent and humble humans. Claudia Keelan was the first and remains one of the most advising un-advisors.
Maybe I should still get that PhD.


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