We missed Charly and Deven for the 4th of July

this is mine and Everetts song.
He was floating adeptly on his floaty last night at the family bbq party. Til he wasn't. He learned how to swim last summer but being in a state where swimming happens not as oft, Ev has lost his skills. I saw him slip from his flotation device so his panic only lasted a few seconds before I jumped fully clothed to retrieve him. He was so lovey and appreciative. Then he was ecstatic I was in the pool with him to help him swim. I looked like a clown (mascara, red lipstick, flopping wet bun.)
seems I was not alone

the parade/petting zoo/carnival fantasticalness only in Utah
 then to the river for rock throwing
 games involving mossy slides
and tired...all before the BBQ and swim.


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