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Wednesday, February 8, 2012


is the pure love. This Valentines Day will be about teaching/showing those little ones what Charity is. Loving the bone marrow...

Saturday, October 2, 2010

chemical ro

"...brain areas active in love are different then the areas activated in other emotional states, such as fear and anger. Parts of the brain that are love-bitten include the one responsible for gut feelings, and the ones which generate the euphoria induced by drugs such as cocaine. So the brains of people deeply in love do not look like those of people experiencing strong emotions, but instead like those of people snorting coke." Economist
robert palmer was onto more than models with guitars and red lipstick. addicted to love...thats gunna inspire my halloween costume.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

riding a wild kingdom for a horse

"And since I want to be alive until I'm dead, I listen for sounds that, in Spinoza's terms, are identical with that part of my nature that orients me towards the world. Louis Zukofsky expresses it sweetly in response to L. S. Dembo's question in an interview conducted in 1969:

Q. Where does the idea of love fit in ...

A. Well, it's like my horses. If you're good enough to run, or you feel like running, you run. If you want to live, you love: if you don't want to live, you hate, that's all. It's as simple as that ...

Zukofsky's work is filled with horses, epic horses, Homer's horses, Ovid's Lenti, Lenti Noctis Equi (1) , Richard the III's 'A horse! A horse! my Kingdom for a horse.'"

my Claudia Keelan "Estatic Emigre". she knows.
wolf spider is of the same web. same lips at least.