Wednesday, November 14, 2012

mere words matter

But I am a man whose life in many ways, even as an explorer, has been governed by words. By rumours and legends. Charted things. Shards written down. The tact of words. In the desert to repeat something would be to fling more water into the earth. Here nuance took you a hundred miles.
The English Patient, Michael Ondaatje

no more talk if it is only small talk  
i have no more water
to fling into the earth

he didn't know why

I don't wonder why people go crazy.  I wonder why they don't.  In light of what can be lost in a day, an instant, how is it people keep from cracking.

On the evening of Halloween came the news that a friend and old neighbor, Madeline, had been killed via blunt force hammer to the head by her husband of 40 some years.  I had just had my third child, second son, when I met Madeline.  She had successfully raised six boys to adulthood and had settled gracefully into being a grandmother.  I am sure her tribe will miss her.  Awww, Brother Benson, good luck with that situation.
"Man, 76, uses hammer in wife's killing" link link

dinner with just mom at the Golden Steer