...if I be shaven, then my strength will go from me, and I shall become weak, and be like any other man. 
--Judges 17:17
little nordic samson was shaven, but even with the hair it is doubtful he could have torn a lion. he is scared of being alone once the sun goes down, masks, and black lighting terrifies him. so, i guess samson had superman power due to his hair (but he was also attracted to unfortunate women). so hopfully we can avoid the latter and keep the former.  deac has power and strength. not to tear up a real life lion, rather, to be obliviously joyous.  he plays pretend with himself for hours.  sometimes i will try to jump in and play with him only to find that the 10 other characters he is playing with in his head leaves little room for me. deac is kind, longsuffering and tolerant. he reads like a madman at the age of 6.  this is the reason he got an email account last night, he can read emails. type emails. he is devoted to our nightly ritual of reading three books after he brushes his teeth with his lady gaga toothbrush. then falls asleep in my bed while i scratch his back. he is wonderful. short or long hair that kid has it goin on.


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