this myth of a unified self...i can't

 march was exciting, as you can tell from everett's pose #aerosmith
 there was a lot of car time due to all the activities #macrubywoo
 there was some very sick time #3AMemergencyroom
 there was a lot of little boy time and they made the living room into a permanent four square arena #justsocksontilecauseinjuries
 some scout stuff for deven #heloveshismom
 mall time with grandma to get gifts for the birthdays this month #kissylips
 physical therapist time because her shins are being problematic #iamnotconvinedthishelps
basketball wrapped up #tallgirlscanhelp
 then the next day soccer started #slickhaircut
she turned 16 #traditionalbirthdaytable
we had a legit party that annoyed the HOA and wrecked the house #75teenagers
 the next morning was an early invitational #alwaysfirstplace
 that afternoon we hosted the Sadies group #zachhymas
 some mornings i have to feed them all at the same time outside #earthing 
 deven spends so much time with his little brothers cuz he worries about moving out when they are so little and them not remembering living with him. #deepthinker
some more sick time with high fevers  #crazymomonWebMD
then this guy had a first birthday #burieshisheadalot
after all the parties, sick, events and living i cleaned the house. then made the boys eat outside to keep it clean
...for at least like an hour. #sweatsinmoderationdeven


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