if you are going to do it, do it right

my teenagers argue about, what seems like, everything. they argue about who is more sick. they argue about the properties of soda. they argue about what is too much clothing to pack for a two day trip.  they argue about who has destroyed my trust more based on their infractions. they argue about who has more knowledge of life in general. i think i have come to the epiphany about what bothers me so much about this arguing. i have maintained some crap reasoning that it is unacceptable because it destroys peace in the house, usurps any positive relations going on between other members of the house and is not making our home the sanctuary it needs to be for each other.
but what the problem is...these two people are HORRIBLE arguers: they get emotional, make ill conceived points and take most stuff out of context.  further, they fail to use the facts correctly and focus on tangential points rather then winning the main point. neither of them have a grasp of the english language's power, nor are they well read enough to bring in interesting allusions. worst of all...they take things personally, which quickly leads to physical fighting (much to the boys dismay since it is always his loss).  that is the mess always waiting to happen in their sibling relationship. as a parent, poet and attorney it is a disappointment.


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