let me elaborate

so with each baby I had a song I sang to them when they got out of the bathtub and were all wrapped in a huge towel up on my lap. For Charly it was "You are my Sunshine." This was also what I sang to Deven in his clean baby boy state. For Deacon, Everett and Ezra it has been Eidleweiss. Ev and Ez still do this. But now I have to include actions.
Then the songs evolve. Charly and I then began to sing "Get Crazy". I am not a fan of Pitbull, but she she would sing at the top of her lungs "fajitas they get crazy!" (girl loved food, feeling and parties) And the ethnicities were a little muddled and just came to her as FAJITAS they get crazy, yo mama she get crazy (yes). And that is all we needed for her momma to get her fajitas. This still seems so my Crazy life loving Ezra Pound Char.

Deven's morphed to "Your Song" by Elton John because this was how I felt about him. He loved when I sang this to him. He always wanted a big house, loved potions, and knew I felt how wonderful life was with him in the world. This still seems so Dev.

Deacon's morphed to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." Not because he is an angsty dark kid...it is because of the line "it doesn't really matter." In a good way. He will be fine no matter what Momma! He really is easy come easy go and the nicest person you will EVER meet. This is Deacon. Easy.

Everett's has morphed to the Etta James (see previous post). The first night with Everett I knew my lonely days were over and life was like a song. I stared at him all night when he came to me. He has my heart wrapped up in clover (and he seems to have that effect on all he meets: a dream people can speak to and call their own.) But he is mine. I can already count the teachers who have shed tears over his person. Hey...to all of you...at last.

and Ezra that kid sings what Deacon sings "mama...life had just begun..." or he will in his silent moments sing TNT. "oi, oi, oi" fist pump included "cuz I'm TNT...watch me explode." As we do. Often. So if Ezra is not feeling well (like he got stung by a bee a few days ago when my brother brought by his two new huge puppies for Ezra to engulf) then the party does not go on. Ezra is the party. To round off these kids. Char and Ezra are the party. Dev and Ev are the feelers.  And Deacon is the perfect penultimate mix.

oh these kids. they come here different.


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